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Racing Programme

On Sundays the club runs four races starting at 10:30 and finishing by 13:45  The first two races are a 30 minute pursuit and a 30 minute handicap with a 10 minute on-the-water break between them. Then, after a 20 minute break, there is another 30 minute pursuit followed by a 50 minute handicap race. The average lap time (ALT) system is used for all handicap racing.

See the Club Diary (link on left) for the full race programme.

The Club has adopted the The RYA Racing Charter (PDF)

The first race starts at 10:30, the second race at 11:10, the third race at 12:00 and the final race at 12:40.

Although there is keen competition between the experienced racing members, newcomers are encouraged to take part. Unlike the situation in some clubs our experienced sailors are tolerant of beginners and are ready to help by explaining the racing rules. Even as a complete racing novice you can learn a lot by taking part and simply keeping clear if in doubt about rights of way.

Handicap Races using Average Lap Time (ALT)

Handicap races are where all boats of all classes start together. Boats must pass through the starting line on every circuit of the course. Following the "About to Finish" sound signal all boats complete the lap they are on in order to finish. Boats between the last mark and the finish line must complete another lap before finishing. Each boat's finishing time (elapsed time) is recorded.

The boat's elapsed time is divided by the number of laps completed and this is its Average Lap Time (ALT). Final position is then calculated by applying the RYA PY handicap to the ALT. This is done using the SSC Race Management System.

RYA Guide to ALT Racing

Pursuit Races

The slowest class of boat starts first following the usual 5 minute, 4 minute, 1 minute and start signals. Each class of boat then starts at a designated time interval after the slowest class calculated according to its RYA PY handicap, these times are displayed in the clubhouse prior to the start. All boats finish immediately on the sounding of the Finish signal. Boats are NOT required to pass through the starting line on every circuit of the course. The final positions are the "on-the-water" order of boats. Race duration will be approximately 30 minutes for a normal Sunday series race but may be 40 minutes if slow boats are racing. RYA Guide to Pursuit Racing

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