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Cruising on Whitemere (Not Racing!)

Members may sail at any time as long as a safety boat is on the water and manned by a competent person.  We try to ensure that a Safety Officer is scheduled to be on duty on Wednesday evenings, Saturday afternoons and Sundays but that depends on enough members volunteering for duties on those days.

Non-racing members are most welcome to come down on a Sunday and cruise around the lake.   The only requirement is to keep clear of the boats racing so it's a good idea to at take note of the course being sailed.

OPEN DAYS:  The only time cruising is not permitted is on club Open Days (e.g. Junior Open) when the lake is reserved for racing.  Even then the OOD may decide - on the day - to permit cruising if there is a low turn-out to the event.
If you have any queries about cruising please contact the Cruising Fleet Captain.